Found a Top-Notch Tablet for 6 bucks!

This is the best place to get amazing deals at affordable prices! Here, you get to buy iPhones and tablets for $6. Surprisingly, all the items in the bins are of high quality and have no flaws whatsoever. I highly recommend this place for people who want to get quality stuff at unbelievably low prices.


Go on Friday or Saturday

Here, I got to purchase amazing products for only $6! It was a perfect situation because I got quality items at really cheap prices. For anyone who plans on shopping here, I suggest you go on Fridays or Saturdays. They restock on these days so you get to purchase really good items before other people get to them. On other days, you get items at cheaper prices but the really good ones may have been snatched up by other people by then.


Making Money

I’ve been unemployed for a few years and I’ve been angling towards self-employment. When I first shopped at OTTL, I planned on keeping the items for myself, but then, I decided to resell the products online at higher prices. It’s been three months now and I’ve been able to make a huge profit from the comfort of my home, just by ruffling through OTTL bins.


Gadget-geek Finds

This definitely beats purchasing from normal stores and supermarkets. I found myself filling and restocking my home with new, high-end products purchased at very low prices. So far, everything is still intact and it’s amazing that I can get new gadgets without having to break the bank! I recommend going early though so you can get the best deals before people get to them.


Home Business

Shopping at OTTL gave me the ultimate business idea: reselling items. I bought a few items at ridiculously cheap prices and sold them at higher rates online. Initially, it was a short-term idea but I’ve made so much money from it, I never want to go back to my 9-5 job. By getting to their bins on Friday and Saturday, I can now earn money and pay off my debts from the comfort of my home.


Best Stuff on Friday or Saturday

During the weekend, I shopped at Off the Truck and was able to get incredible products for a mere $6. My friend went shopping the following Wednesday, but by then all the good stuff had been snatched up. If you really want to get the best items and deals, I recommend you stop by on a Friday or Saturday when they restock the bins.


Best Shopping Experience

Shopping at OTTL is the best experience ever! If you want to be one of the first to gain access to all the good stuff, you’d need to shop on Fridays and Saturdays. They restock their bins on these days so you get to buy the new items before everyone else; however, they offer cheaper rates on other days of the week. Prices are fixed at $4 on Sundays. Mondays $3 and Tuesdays $2. You get to purchase items at $1 on Wednesdays. If you want the best deals, Fridays and Saturdays are your best bet!


Bluetooth Speaker for $6

For the past few months, I’ve been saving up for a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth Speaker. When I walked into OTTL, I had no hope whatsoever of finding it; heck, I had only $10 in my wallet, but then, I saw people hunting in the bins and I decided to join the party. I was over the moon when I found my dream Bluetooth speaker even though for a moment it still felt like a hoax.


Lottery Winner – LOL

At home, everyone thinks I’m a miracle worker or something. My mom thinks I may have won the lottery without telling anyone. How else would anyone explain getting brand new gadgets as a high school student? At Off the Truck, all I had to do was shake up the bins until I found something I really wanted. It was like a mini adventure where you get really cool offers and everything on this day was only $3. ! I know I should tell everyone at home about these amazing deals but I want to keep them in awe of me for a little while.


Real Treasure Hunting

This was a totally enjoyable experience for me. You have 50+ bins to go through in search of awesome items, just like a mini treasure hunt! What’s even better is purchasing high-grade products for just $6. It still feels too good to be true and I can’t wait to visit again.



Who knew being a scavenger could be fun? But who wouldn’t be curious of going through a bin filled with latest tech items? Here, I get to hunt for amazing gadgets and purchase them at unbelievable prices! I highly recommend this place for tech lovers looking to get quality products at cheap prices and won’t mind elbowing a bunch of people in the gut.


Extra Cash

As a student, I spend my days scouting for part-time jobs. I love shopping and recently I discovered that I could also earn extra cash off my shopping habits at Off the Truck. I decided to start up my own eBay business by reselling online any items I purchase at OTTL. So far, I’m doing really well and I’ve become a regular face (and pair of hands).


Tech deals

As a tech lover, nothing warms my heart like finding quality tech gadgets. It’s an even more exciting experience when they come at affordable prices. Here, I found tons of amazing speakers and music gadgets that blew my mind. For lovers of tech and innovation, this is the best place to get amazing deals on your devices!


Found an iPhone – crazy

When my old phone broke down and I needed a new one, my best friend told me about a place where I could get an iPhone for $6 or less. At first, I thought she was pulling my leg. My second thought was that she had come in contact with a sham store where they make you pay $5 for a broken phone. However, when I got there, I saw myself ruffling through bins filled with new, high standard gadgets. Luckily, I was able to get a brand new iPhone for $6! It all feels so surreal and I simply can’t wait to tell all my friends about it.