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For safety reasons on restock days Fridays and Saturdays, children between the ages 0-15 are not allowed in the store from 10 am – 5 pm.


Minors are not allowed in the store unless accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.


Camping outside of the store is not permitted.


If you wish to shop with us again after completing your purchase, you must line up again. There is no priority re-entry.


You can start lining up 4 hours before the store opens.



Unboxing is not allowed. Please ask for assistance, if needed.


Only use Off The Truck shopping bags provided upon entry and please keep your bag with you at all times.


Be courteous to other shoppers and do not mishandle products.


Everything is sold as-is.



Testing stations are located throughout the store. Please test items before checking out. All sales are final.


Be prepared to pick up, pack and load oversized items. We will not hold purchased items for later pick up under any circumstances.


We do not accept returns, refunds, and/or exchanges.

We ask that you and/or your party be considerate of others shopping at Towne Shoppes.

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Towne Shoppes – Space 2440
N. State Road #7
Margate, Fl 33063
Between Bealls Outlet and Frenchie’s Bicycles.

Friday and Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am-2pm

You just never know, and neither do we. That’s a big part of the excitement that keeps people coming back week after week.

What we can tell you is that all of what we offer is new – usually overstock, out of season, or return merchandise from large retailers.

Fridays and Saturdays: $6 – yes, even items as valuable as a laptop or Xbox!
Sundays: $4
Mondays: $3
Tuesdays: $2
Wednesdays: $1
Thursdays: $0.25, $5 to fill a small bag and $10 to fill a large bag

Every Friday and Saturday.

Customers are allowed to line up 4hs before store opening.

Camping is not permitted.

Kids are only allowed in the store Sunday – Thursday.

For safety reasons, we DO NOT allow children between the ages 0-15, strollers, and baby carriers into the store between the hours of 10 am – 5 pm on Restock Days (Fridays & Saturdays).

We accept cash. A minimum purchase of $10 is required for all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks.

Everything is sold as-is. Sorry, but we do not accept returns, refunds, and/or exchanges.